LEGOmetropolitan 2022 HOLIDAY WINDOW - Nov 21, 2022 to Jan 14, 2023

by 313 Design Market

LEGOMETROPOLITAN is back for the 2022 holiday season!!! Find all the fun new additions to the psychedelic towers and mountains including 4 magically glowing towers, a crystal mountain with Santa's workshop glowing within and a neon-yellow colonnade.  Of course there's lots of other fun easter eggs (or Christmas presents) to discover. You might even spot Santa taking off for the long journey ahead!!! Walk by or step into the store and have a look. 

Come see the magic this holiday season - LEGOMETROPOLITAN is up until January 14th, 2023.

All photos by Laird Kay


Raymond Girard

Some more pictures...



Here is an inside look at the Pen and Brick's HQ