Happy Little Trees by Cyrc

by 313 Design Market

We're excited to introduce our latest window installation by Cyrc Design for the 2023 DesignTO Festival running January 20 - 29

‘Happy Little Trees’ is a window installation that borrows the phrase from TV’s most famous painter, Bob Ross. For this installation Cyrc wants to imagine a world without waste. The 3D-printed pieces are made entirely from plant-based recycled plastic (food packaging waste) and will be recycled into new home decor objects after the installation. Rather than make a didactic installation about sustainability, Cyrc wants to create a simple moment of wonder and joy in the storefront window. The surreal diorama is composed of bold colours and exaggerated forms from Cyrc’s existing collection of 3D-printed designs. Let’s channel the spirit of Bob Ross as a way of connecting with nature through our hearts and imagination.

'Happy Little Trees' is part of the 2023 DesignTO Festival which runs from Jan 20 - 29, 2023. Check out the DesignTO website to find out about festival events, installations and more: https://designto.org/

The 'Happy Little Trees' sculptures are available to purchase! Check out the collection below.