Gus* Modern Odeon End Table Featured in House and Home

by 313 Design Market

House and Home magazine recently penned an article in the October 2023 issue that dove deep into the revival of a beloved texture - corduroy. This fabric, reminiscent of the 1970s, is making a stylish comeback not just in the fashion world but in interior design as well.

Our Gus* Modern Odeon End Table was given a special mention. Positioned alongside fashion bigwigs like Bottega Veneta and Chanel, the Odeon end table was hailed for its reeded walnut finish, embodying the ribbed texture trend. The design is reminiscent of the elegance of the 1970s, yet feels so relevant for today's modern homes.

A big thank you to House and Home for the feature. And to our loyal customers, we invite you to our store to experience the Gus* Modern Odeon End Table in person. Who knows, you might just find more treasures that resonate with your style!

Stay stylish and inspired,

The 313 Design Market Team.

October 2023